Future Reflections Magazine

Our national magazine, Future Reflections, provides resources and information on topics related to the education and development of blind children from birth through college. From encouraging blind babies to explore their surroundings to teaching blind students to navigate their college campus, the magazine answers many of the common questions asked by parents and teachers and provides solutions to common challenges. With its positive philosophy about blindness, the magazine is a vital source of support and encouragement to parents and teachers.

Special editions are available on the following topics:


Future Reflections is published quarterly and distributed free of charge by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults in partnership with NOPBC. It is available in print, on USB thumb drive, via e-mail, or online on the NFB Web site, where you can also find all past editions.

  • To subscribe to Future Reflections by e-mail, visit the following site:  www.nfbcal.org/listserv-signup.html, and follow the instructions
  • To subscribe to Future Reflections in print or on USB thumb drive, send an e-mail to mailto:?subject=Subscribe to Future Reflections. Include your preferred medium in the body, along with your name, address, whether you are a parent of a blind child (and, if so, include your child's name and birth date), a teacher, or other subscriber.