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Convention Stories

This page will help answer WHY you should attend a National Federation of the Blind Convention and the NOPBC Conference. You will find videos, articles and more. 


Future Reflections Convention Issue 2017

Future Reflections Convention Issue 2016

Future Reflections Convention Issue 2015

Future Reflections Convention Issue 2014

Future Reflections Friends Forever!

Future Reflections Our Convention Journey

Future Reflections A Place Where We Belong

Future Reflections Reverse Inclusion: Taking a Sighted Child to an NFB National Convention

Braille Monitor The 2015 Convention Roundup

FIRE Podcast Episode 3: The 2016 NFB National Convention: What is it and why should we attend? 

Convention Time : A short video about the National Federation of Blind National Convention (note the video is from 2015 so the dates are  not the same for 2018)


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