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Exhibitor Open House

NOPBC Exhibitor Open House

July 16th, 1 P.M. Eastern Time

Here are the companies and organizations who will be represented, some details about what they will be sharing, contact information for the presenters, and the company or  organization website.


  • 1:00-1:05- Envision

focus on youth programs;

Mika Pyyhkala:



  • 1:05-1:10- Humanware

Focus on blindness products including braille displays and Braillenote Touch Plus;

Peter Tucic:



  • 1:10-1:15- American Printing House for the Blind  (APH)

Blindness specific products, Family Connect, Career Connect, and Vision Aware;

Olaya Landa-Vialard:



  • 1:15-1:20- Learning Ally

College success program;

Mary Alexander:



  • 1:20-1:25- Pearson

Higher education, career mentoring, assessments

 From Higher Education: Doug Hacker:

From the Mentoring Program: Alisa Key:

From Assessments: Jan McSorley:

Website: http://www.Pearson.comm


  • 1:25-1:30- Aira

Visual Interpreting Service;

Kevin Phelan:



  • 1:30-1:35- Vispero (Freedom Scientific)

Blindness products including Focus braille displays, JAWS, and Fusion;

Mike Wood, Strategic Accounts Manager:



  • 1:35-1:40 Bookshare/Benetech

Access to thousands of digital books using audio, braille displays, or hard copy braille;

Allison Hilliker



  • 1:40-1:45- National Federation of the Blind Youth Science Programs

NFB E.Q. and research

Natalie L. Shaheen, Ed.D.  tech study – Dept of Special Education, Illinois State University, and contract education employee, National Federation of the Blind:




  • 1:45-1:50 National Association of Blind Students (NABS)
  • Networking opportunities, interaction with peers, and a place to ask and answer questions about the “how to’s” of being a blind high school or college student;


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