Welcome to National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)

We specialize in reliable information  and positive attitudes about blindness and the abilities of blind people.

We don't view blindness as a tragedy or as the defining factor in a child's life; instead, we see it as just one of the child's many characteristics.

News and Updates

  • The NFB Provides Free White Canes

    Did you know the National Federation of the Blind offers free white canes to blind children and adults through their free white cane program? We believe that independence and freedom to travel are so important to the quality of life of blind people that every blind person should have a cane, regardless of ability to pay. You can learn more about the free white cane program, including how to apply for one, through the NFB's fun YouTube video or by visiting nfb.org/free-cane-program. "Tap That!"