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Upcoming Events

2020 NOPBC Conference at the NFB Convention

When: Tuesday, July 14 through Sunday, July 19, 2020

Hilton Americas-Houston
1600 Lamar Street
Houston, TX 77010
(room information)

Registration :

Pre-registration - $30 for one adult $50 for 2 or moreA adults  ends June 15, 2020

$35 for one adult $70 for 2 or more adults  After Pre-registration 

Online Registration: online form is coming soon

Click here for more information 

2019 Holiday News

You can bring Holiday Joy and support the NOPBC all at once. 

Your support of  the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children this holiday season is important so that we can continue offering the high quality programming, special events, and support to blind children and families that we’ve provided since 1983. Read more about some of the programs we provide below. Annually, the NOPBC hosts the Braille Book Fair where blind children can choose their favorite books from a selection of thousands all in Braille at no cost to their families. Through the Megan Bening Memorial Fund the NOPBC provides blind children with over $10,000 in access technology every year. The NOPBC Parent Leadership Program at in Washington DC provides intensive specialized training in organizing and advocacy to not only help families better support their own children but to also prepare them for leadership roles in their local communities that will benefit other families of blind children. 

Check out the 2 awesome ways to spend holiday joy and Support the National Organization of Parent of Blind Children 

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Welcome to the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)

Many people make a sharp distinction between whether a person is visually impaired or blind, and accordingly classify various tools or techniques as being useful for either a partially sighted person or a person with little or no sight.  We take a different approach.   -  Visit "About the NOPBC" to find out more.


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