Photograph of Casey West Robertson.

Casey West Robertson, Second Vice-president


Casey West Robertson lives in Mississippi with her husband Philip Robertson and their daughter Kylie Grace. Casey is a teacher of blind students and serves as an instructor for the Teacher of Blind Students Program at Louisiana Tech University.

Casey came to know the National Federation of the Blind when her niece (Imilie West) and nephew (Jackson West) were diagnosed as blind when they were just a few months old. Little did she know that later her own daughter would be diagnosed with vision loss due to mitochondrial disease.

Casey has received both the NFB Mississippi Distinguished Educator and the NFB National Distinguished Educator award. She advocated the state legislature in 2012 to gain a better Braille Bill to allow for better services for blind students. She currently advocates for parents and students across the nation to gain better services in schools. Casey has also been an expert witness in several due process cases.

When she is not working in the blindness field, Casey loves hanging out with family and the family’s three dogs, Molly, Fiona, and Buddy; two horses Patches and Ruby; and their one cat Rosie, aka snobby cat.