Free and Low-cost Braille Books

Free hard-copy Braille books

Temple Beth El Braille Book Bindery

** Temporarily closed due to COVID (as of May 13, 2021).

Individuals may choose from many Braille books in either contracted or uncontracted Braille. The volunteers of Temple Beth El Sisterhood provide these books at no cost, but they welcome donations of Braille paper, Braille binding supplies, and money to support this mission.

Seedlings Braille Books for Children's 2021 Book Angel Program for V-I Children

Through this program, blind/low vision US children ages birth through 21 may order up to three free Braille books per year.

Braille Institute

Special Collection

Blind/low vision children in the U.S. and Canada may order up to 2 Dots for Tots® kits two times per year (targeted at ages 2-5, but open to all—might be great books to read to younger family members, neighbors, etc.).

Digital Dots

As of March 2021, forty-nine chapter books available for download in BRF (Braille Ready Format).

Lending Library

The Braille Institute also offers a lending library and offers books in hard copy Braille and in digital format. There is no charge for eligible individuals, and books are shipped via Free Matter postage.


An online resource provided by the American Action Fund (AAF) to connect with others who have Braille books to give away. Search the site which has thousands of books listed, and request a book. The current owner will then send it to you via “Free Matter” through the US Post Office.

Free Braille Books Program from the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults (AAF)

Hard copy Braille books. 2021 series include:

  • The Sassy Series, by Sharon M. Draper
  • The Carver Chronicles, by Karen English
  • Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid and Mitzi Mufflin Principal for a Day, by Liz Cooper

NFB Kernel Books

Stories by and about blind individuals, edited and distributed by the National Federation of the Blind. Available for digital access as HTML files.

Xavier Society for the Blind

The Xavier Society for the Blind offers hundreds of texts on religious topics (Catholics) at no charge to patrons. You may become a patron by calling (212) 473-7800 to register for their services. The website notes: “All of our materials are provided at no cost, and there is no fee to sign up. We look forward to hearing from you!”

Low-cost Braille Books

BRL—Beulah Reimer Legacy

Very reasonably priced, high-quality Braille-print picture books. Great for learning braille as a teen with books you grew up loving and for braille readers taking care of younger children.

Seedlings Braille Books (for purchase)

Seedlings has a wide variety of Braille books for purchase (after you get your three free Angel books—see above). Here are the categories of Seedlings books, followed by the number of titles in each category:

  • Print-Braille-and-Picture Books in Uncontracted Braille, in UEB (59)
  • Print-Braille-and-Picture Books in Contracted Braille, in UEB (103)
  • Print-and-Braille Books in Uncontracted Braille, in UEB (46)
  • Print-and-Braille Books in Contracted Braille, in UEB (105)
  • Contracted Braille in UEB (302)
  • Shorter Fiction in Contracted Braille, in EBAE (280)
  • Longer Fiction in Contracted Braille, in EBAE (436)
  • Poetry in Contracted Braille, in EBAE (9)
  • Nonfiction & Biographies in Contracted Braille, in EBAE (55)

National Braille Press (NBP)

NBP has a variety of titles including some not available anywhere else, including technology guides for blind/low vision individuals, cookbooks, recreational reading, books in Spanish and English, and more.

Read How You Want

Read How You Want is a commercial publisher of accessible books, and available formats include Braille and DAISY digital books. While this publisher is located in Australia, prices are in US dollars, and the variety of titles include many that are not common in the US.

Other Sources for Braille Books

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)

While APH books are not necessarily low in price, schools have funds that can only be spent at APH. In addition to textbooks and early learning books, APH offers books with tactile graphics that can be helpful in science and other classes.

The Braille Bookstore

The Braille Bookstore offers many titles in hard copy Braille for all ages, including adults.

Braille Library & Transcribing Services, Inc.

This group offers braille in three ways:

  1. Lending library with more than 2,000 titles for children and adults. “There is no charge for borrowing our books; just tell us your name and contact information and we'll get you started.”
  2. Purchasing library books.
  3. Transcribing books upon request (fee for this service).

Categories include:

  • Adult Fiction
  • Adult Non-Fiction
  • Children's
  • Cookbooks
  • Crafts
  • Print/Braille
  • Textbooks